3D Sublimation Vacuum Heat Press Machine for Sublimation Printing 2024

Best 3D Sublimation Vacuum Heat Press Machine Reviews 2024

Visuals have a strong impact on memory, and it lasts longer than reading or listening. However, the physical interaction embosses information in your memory, holding it forever. A vacuum heat press can print HD graphics over the 3D objects and display the virtual models of reality. From anatomical modular to display of kids’ toys, the 3D Sublimation Vacuum Heat Press Machine enables you to print over versatile materials of solid shapes.

A vacuum heat press is an amazing invention that allows you to create almost any type of plastic or rubber product instantly. It is a way to convert virtual graphics into reality. Now let’s look at some of the best 3d sublimation vacuum heat press machines.

5 Best 3D Sublimation Vacuum Heat Press Machines- Top Reviews

1. Sunmeta Mini 3d Sublimation Heat Press

3d Sublimation Heat Press machine


  • Brand Sunmeta
  • Display screen
  • Heat Dissipation and Gas Vent
  • Temperature Controllers
  • Vacuum Manometer
  • Energy Efficient
  • Heat Proof Plastic Built
  • Ergonomic smooth Drawer with handle
  • Wholesome Package with Accessories (Cups+ Gloves)

After analyzing details about various Vacuum Heat press machines, I found a mini sublimation heat press from sunmeta yielding 100 cups in an hour. It has a multi-functional design, making it suitable for producing different kinds of cups. This machine has a far infrared heating tube, ensuring completely consistent production. It also has an intelligent control system, making it easy to operate.

I should tell you that this mini 3D sublimation heat press is not a cheap little machine. However, it is a high-quality, extremely reliable unit, and it will pay for itself many times over in the savings in replacement parts alone.

printing with sunmeta mini 3d heat press machine

Another unique characteristic of this heat press is its ability to produce various plastic cups. This allows the user to create various plastic products such as water bottles, travel mugs, shot glasses, and more.

  • Reliable, It has an extremely long service life.
  • It has an extremely long service life High Quality
  • Intelligent control system
  • Allows you to regulate the output of the machine
  • Bit noisy printing action
  • Need Professional handling
All in all, this is a very good 3d mini vacuum sublimation press with an extremely large heating zone. The machine is only small in size, but the 10,000-hour lifespan and high-yielding printing in the most economical way are the identities of the Sunmeta.

2. Mophorn Heat Press Machine, 15 x 15 Inch, 5 in 1 Combo

Mophorn Heat Press Machine


  • Brand Morphon
  • Material Aluminum Heating Plate
  • Color Black
  • Size 15x15INCH/5IN1
  • Dual digital temperature Controller( Range: 0-220°C)
  • 360° Swing arm Rotation
  • Time Range 0-999s

Another machine that I plan to invest in is the Mophorn 3d sublimation vacuum heat press machine for my printing press business. Suppose you are looking for a versatile heat press that we can use with a wide variety of materials and perform excellently in durability and dependability. In that case, this Mophorn Heat Press Machine is a great option for sublimation tasks.

This item is very easy to use. Remove the top part, place your fabric or material into the bottom part, close the lid, and press the button to start the timer. After the timer has completed its operation, open the lid, remove the product, and feel free to check out your work.

The heat press is a multi-purpose machine suitable for many different applications. It has an auto shut-off feature and an indicator light. This is a versatile tool that anyone with a little mechanical ability can use at home or office.

Another unique characteristic of this heat press is that It comes with a 15″ x 15″ Teflon coated platen. It is compatible with various plastic, fabric, and rubber materials. The 360-degree Swing-away design rotates and prevents accidental interaction. Further, the timer control is also convenient to set the time according to the material.

The model allows the user to create impressive designs for various products such as water bottles, travel mugs, shot glasses, and more. This item has a lot going for it. First, it has an extremely long service life. Second, it has an extremely easy-to-use design.

  • Well-designed to sublimate the rigid surface
  • Impressively Durable
  • Precise Controls
  • It is made of extremely thick steel
  • Premium Safety Insurance
  • Versatile Print Mediums
  • The user’s manual is not well instructed, and it is hard to find
The Mophron is the best 3d sublimation machine. Premium quality built ensures safety with circuit breaker, anti-scald 360-rotations, and auto-notification using alarm buzzer prevents accidental mishaps.

3. VEVOR Heat Press Multi-Function 3D Sublimation Machine

3d Sublimation heat press machine


  • Brand VEVOR
  • Power 2800 W
  • Model ST3042
  • Upper Heating Plate: 1300 W
  • Lower Heating Plate: 1300 W
  • Volume 0.188 CBM
  • Package ( Adhesive tape/Pair of Gloves/ Tape sit/3d sublimation printing machine)
  • Intelligent Control Display

The VEVOR heat press multifunction sublimation machine features a new generation of sublimation machines that is more powerful and efficient than ever. It has an effective sublimation performance, high-precision digital control, a stable operation, and a simple process. This sublimation machine is a professional production device for 3d printing, 3d modeling, 2d printing, and 3d sublimation, etc.

Furthermore, this new 3D-sublimation machine adopts advanced infrared heating technology and the innovative design of the convex and concave shapes, which can heat evenly and efficiently. It is easy to operate with an intuitive interface and has no complex operation. It can be installed on the workbench and can also be used as a mobile workstation, and it is suitable for both home and commercial production.

The VEVOR heat press multifunction 3D sublimation machine has a simple and reliable structure and high-precision control. It uses a special heat-resistant powder and can be used for various materials, such as resin, paper, fabric, plastic, ceramic, metal, wood, leather, etc.

  • You can control the melting temperature and speed
  • The finished product will not melt
  • Good choice for people who are fond of arts and crafts
  • It is easy to operate and maintain
  • Power full performance
  • Heat-up of the oven takes time
This sublimation machine can melt any shape into flexible sheet material. The piece’s shape will be as smooth as an eggshell after it has been processed, making it ideal for the production of customized gifts. A larger furnace area also lets you print a maximum number of items at a go, saving energy, time, and effort.

4. INTSUPERMAI 3D Vacuum Sublimation Heat Press Machine

INTSUPERMAI 3D Vacuum Sublimation Heat Press Machine


  • Power: 2800W
  • Volume:0.15m³
  • Vacuum Pump: 150W
  • Vacuum Flow: 33L/min
  • Voltage: 110V/60Hz
  • Upper heating plate: 1300W
  • Max Vacuum: -640mmHg
  • Product size:23.6 x 18.5 x 12.2 inches
  • Bottom heating plate: 1300W
  • Printing Size: 11.8 x 16.53 x 4.33 inches

The INTSUPERMAI 3d sublimation heat press machine is a real bargain at an affordable price. It has everything professionals need to get started in fine art. The INTSUPERMAI 3D sublimation heat press is an ideal choice for both beginners and professionals. This is a complete solution.

With this machine, you have a powerful vacuum that helps to remove the air from your objects which allows the heat to penetrate them. This makes your materials more pliable so that you can achieve better results.

Furthermore, this 3d heat press machine is a lot easier to use than the traditional vacuum heat press. You can add some objects to it and start pressing. It will press, cut, and emboss your material within seconds. This is a great tool for those who want to learn this.

In my opinion, the precision and identical printing over various items are due to its asperities dots technology. Further, the larger furnace and carrier can hold up to 12 mugs at a time. I am ultimately boosting work efficiency and reducing the printing cost per item.

Moreover, this is an industrial 3d sublimation vacuum heat press. They can press materials into a sheet and print, emboss, form, and other functions. The press plate is made of solid aluminum and iron. The press plate is easy to be cleaned, with no rusting.

  • The machine can press and cool at the same time.
  • Multi-functional to print on the photo, puzzles, glass frames, mobile covers, mugs, etc.
  • The heat press machine uses hot rollers with vacuum sucking
  • It has an advanced control panel ( temperature and timer)
  • Air switch must have 25A levels
This is the best 3d sublimation machine. It has a nice vacuum suction, and the heat source is very strong, enabling you to heat the wax quickly. A High-efficiency filter is an exceptional feature that makes it an eco-friendly machine. The Activated Carbon filter absorbs the toxic gases before exhausting them into the environment.


5. INTBUYING 3D Multi-function Vacuum Sublimation Heat Press Machine

3D Muti-fuction Vacuum Sublimation Heat Press Machine


  • LCD- Touch Screen Navigational Controls
  • CE certification
  • Oven Space : 11.8×16.5×4.33inch(300x420x110mm)
  • Accessories and essentials in the package
  • Voltage: 110V and Power: 2800 W
  • Use format: 11.8×16.5×4.33inch(300x420x110mm)
  • Max Vacuum: -640 mmHg
  • Vacuum pump: 150 W
  • Vacuum flow: 33L/min
  • Up heating power: 1300 W and Down heating power: 1300 W
  • Dimension: 18.5x 23.2×11.4inch(470x590x290mm)
  • Inspiratory time: 18 s

This INTBUYING 3d vacuum sublimation machine for mugs is one of the best in his class. With an automatic inspiratory countdown and temperature regulator, you can make custom designs of your own choice.

Furthermore, heating both up and down plates can give you even temperatures for other shirts, mugs, and other types of fabrics. 108°flip and simple design make it space-saving and convenient to use.

The machine also offers multiple sizes and thicknesses of fabrics and heat press buttons to fit your needs. This sublimation heat press machine is great for custom mug designs to make your designs or other applications.

Moreover, with automatic temperature controller and a countdown timer will help you produce your custom-made mugs in a very short time. Furthermore, you can press the entire surface and thickness of the fabric. It provides excellent heat transfer for your mug designs.

  • Unmatched printing volume in a given time
  • Suitable for versatile print mediums and shapes
  • Flame resistant and heatproof material built
  • Need dedicated circuits and strong power cords
This sublimation heat press machine offers excellent design and precision with 3d multifunction sublimation. Even heating with both up and down plates generates flawless prints on the materials. Auto controls and intelligent inspiratory regulation make auto deflating after printing effortless.

3D Vacuum Sublimation Heat Press Machine Buying Guide 2024

After reviewing the top 5 sublimation machines, let’s look at some quick buying tips.

8 Things To Look For Before Buying 3D Vacuum Sublimation Heat Press Machine


There are many cheap sublimation machines, but you will not get the quality of the expensive machines.

Machine Size

It is very important to make sure that you can fit the size of your artwork into the machine. If you want to use a small piece of artwork, choose a smaller machine.

Heat Press Material

The heat press material should be compatible with the sublimation machine. For example, if your heat press machine uses ABS plastic, it should also use ABS.


Make sure that the machine will fit into your room or space. This includes the height of the machine.


The warranty of quite expensive and new products is an essential factor to consider. Especially if you are new in the field.


Do your research and discover if the appliance is appropriate for you. Make sure it has enough power and is compatible with your design software.

Layer Thickness

A good sublimation machine should print layers with 2-5 mm thicknesses. If you use too much pressure on your sublimation machine or use a printer with too little thickness, the sublimation will not work correctly.

Layer Density

If your sublimation machine has low layer density, the layer will not stick together and may fall apart from each other. If your layer has a high density, then it means that there will be no gaps between the layers.


1-What is the vacuum heat press machine?

A vacuum heat press machine is a device that allows the user to apply heat to raw materials and convert them into a product. A vacuum press is more efficient than a sublimation press as it does not have to deal with the power conversion time of the material.

2-How does a 3d sublimation vacuum press work?

A vacuum heat press uses a combination of heat and pressure to fuse plastic or rubber materials in an extremely short period. This causes the product to take on the characteristics of the material(s) used to make it. The result is a “part-product” and a “masterpiece” simultaneously.

3-Can one use a 3d sublimation vacuum heat press to produce 3D content?

Yes, depending upon the nature of the material and design, we can use the 3d vacuum sublimation heat press machine for mugs, shirts, gift items, mobile covers, plates, and almost all kinds of ceramic and plastics.

Final Verdict

The sublimation over 2D surfaces is now rolling out from the scenario. The 3d heat press sublimation machine is taking over the market with effortless yet high-end prints. Educational models, ornaments, 3D wallpaper and ceramics, kitchen essentials, and many other items need 3D impressions. Therefore, the   3D Sublimation Vacuum Heat Press Machine is trending and an utmost requirement of the printing business.

In my opinion, all recommendations are worth buying, yet there are 2 of them that I had my hands on them and found perfectly outstanding. My picks of the review are;

  • Mophorn Heat Press Machine
  • VEVOR Heat Press

So, are you ready to hold the virtual graphics in the real world using the versatile and multi-functional 3d vacuum heat press machine sublimation?

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