What are the Best Shirts For Sublimation and Why?

Starting a profitable business in today’s world is not difficult as technology is progressing day and night. We can earn a handsome profit by investing a small amount, but finding the type of business that requires a small investment and generates more profit is not easy.

As the owner of Sublyprint Digital, I started my sublimation business in 2015 after doing a comprehensive research. In this post, I will share my experience with you about starting and managing t shirts sublimation printing business.

The first point that came to mind while starting this business was choosing the equipment required for t-shirt sublimation printing. Everyone knows that a sublimation printer and heat press machine are required for this business, but the most difficult decision was to choose the best shirt for sublimation. After testing many shirts, I found that Bella Canvas Shirt For Sublimation is the best. Keep reading this guide to know about the best Bella Canvas Shirt For Sublimation.

What are the Best Shirts for Sublimation and Why?

Polyester shirts are the best for sublimation. They must contain 65% polyester, which is necessary for the ink to be embedded permanently on the shirt. Polymers are vital to any garment made from polyester, so it makes sense that these shirts would be ideal for sublimation.


The durability of a shirt is important in making it ideal for sublimation printing. A shirt without durability won’t last long, and its design will begin to fade and break down over time. You must choose a shirt with outstanding durability and many polymers.


If you plan to imprint a design on a shirt, choosing a shirt that will be comfortable to wear is important. So choose a shirt with more durability and wearability than others.

Environment Friendly

The ability of a shirt to adapt to a particular environment can give it the potential to be the best shirt for sublimation printing. Because in this case, you don’t need to spend money buying shirts for every season.

Best Shirts for Sublimation Printing

Here is the list of the best polyester shirts for sublimation.

Polyester Shirts

If you are new to the t-shirt printing business and selling your t-shirts on the internet, then you’d be surprised by the number of options and types of materials available. You would probably want to consider purchasing polyester shirts because they are great for this application.

Polyester shirts for sublimation

Polyester is a suitable material for t-shirt printing because it is cheaper than cotton, more lightweight than cotton, and also breathable, which means that there is no sweating on your arm or neck when you have sweaty hands during some kind of work like painting or simple manual labor. It is also more durable than cotton fabric due to its softness but still retains its strength.

A4 sublimation shirts

These shirts are perfect for printing on a variety of fabric types. They are multi-color sublimation shirts, which is great for any business looking to have a more personalized look for their products or apparel without compromising quality.

A4 sublimation shirts are a great way to add a unique look and feel to your shirts. Sublimation printing won’t fade, wrinkle, or tear like other printing methods. Your customers will love the attention to detail on these A4 printed sublimation shirts!

Jerzees M21 shirts

Jerzees M21 shirts for sublimation

Jerzees M21 shirts are also good for sublimation printing. Their composition is 100% polyester, but they’re not as clingy as other shirts and are cotton-like. They’re often called sweatshirts because of their heat-insulating qualities and cotton-like fabric.

Next Level Shirts

next level shirts for sublimation

These shirts are made up of 65% polyester and 35% cotton. They can dye-sublimate, just like 100% polyester shirts. They only have one disadvantage—they often get stuck to your skin, which can be irritating. Otherwise, they are a perfect choice for dye-sublimate printers!

Polyester Blends Shirts

Sublimation printing on shirts can be done with polyester blends. To ensure high-quality sublimation printing, purchasing at least 65 polyester shirts for the blend is necessary. This amount of polyester is needed because a lower concentration of polyester will reduce the durability and quality of the printed design on the shirt.

Bella Canvas shirts

When it comes to product design and sublimation printing, Bella Canvas shirts are excellent. It’s easy to see why when you look at their features. They’re comfortable, high-quality, and generally specialized products that provide you with more benefits than those in your local shops. On top of all this, they come with reasonable price tags.

bella canvas shirts for sublimation

People of all ages widely use it. You can use it for work, casual wear, or even for school.

Cotton Shirts

Cotton shirts are one of the most common fabrics for sublimation printing. It is used for t-shirts and hoodies because of its soft feel and durability, making it suitable for long-term use and in many environments like winter and summer seasons, etc.

Cotton shirts are used in printing due to their soft and flexible nature. They help create the right impression on the shirt by adding a personal touch to the design or printable logo.

But remember that cotton shirts are not as effective as polyester because a shirt made of 100% polyester is more durable.

How to take care of Sublimated Shirts?

With the rise of sublimation printing, there are a lot of new technologies and methods to learn about. One of the most important things is how to take care of your sublimated shirts.

Sublimation shirts are sensitive to heat and moisture, so you must follow these tips to ensure they last longer and look better:

  • Store your shirts in a cool, dry place.
  • Do not leave them in direct sunlight. They can fade if left in direct sunlight or near a heater or air conditioning unit.
  • Do not wash them in a washing machine; use gentle laundry detergent and cold water. It’s best not to use bleach on sublimated shirts because it will cause the print to bleed onto other garments or fabrics.
  • Do not iron over your print; this can cause damage and make the ink run once it comes into contact with water (like sweating). If this happens, simply remove the garment from your body and wash it as normal. You can also hand wash it with cold water at night before putting it away for storage in the morning after work.

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