Best Sublimation Paper for Epson, Sawgrass, Inkjet Printers 2024

If you own the best sublimation printer, you wish to make money by offering high-quality printing services. So, here we brought up the 10 best sublimation paper for you that is good to print and versatile due to affordable price, lightweight, transfer-ability, and many other factors.

Most people now look to run a business using the printing industry as it’s easy and profitable as well. And everyone wishes to buy sublimation paper. Similarly, buying this paper is not an easy and subtle choice due to the large variety and types of sublimation paper.

Don’t worry; down in this post is the top 10 sublimation papers that are durable and have the highest working efficiencies.

Top 10 Best Sublimation Papers Reviews 2024

1. A-SUB 11×17 Inch- Best Sublimation Paper for Cotton

Best sublimation paper for inkjet

If you want to get high-quality printing where you can get any print by using random ink, buying A-SUB Sublimation paper would be a suitable choice. Its beautiful design make it easy to handle everywhere at any time. Furthermore, its compatibility with all types of printers and many other features attracts user attention.

Printing with A SUB Sublimation paper

Important Features

Wide Ranges of Applications

This paper offers a wide range of applications, from cotton cloths to high ceramic material. It would be best if you were surprised knowing that it’s also compatible with even tiles, phones, cases, and metal plates of all types. Hence, its wide range of applications is the most fabulous feature.

Sleek Design

With only 125 grams of weight and 110 sheet count at a time, it’s a chance to boost your printing business. Further, the sheet size is 11 “X17,” which offers a perfect chance to match any material. Hence, you can only print small-scale elements, but you can use them in professional places. Just buy this printer and open opportunities for the printing industry with high-quality digital images.

Compatibility for Printer

This paper applies to any printer that can use sublimation ink. Any sublimation ink is compatible with this printer paper which runs for a longer time with ideal results. Furthermore, it is compatible with any printer regardless of the type. Even if your printer is not performing well, using this ink can open the doors to success and get more customers. A SUB 11*17 Inch sublimation paper is also available for sale on Walmart.

  • Wide range of applications
  • Highest compatibility with any printer and ink
  • High quality of the bright image
  • Sometimes it works badly when used continually
Hence, the A-SUB printer is a versatile, efficient, and top-rated printer loaded with many features. Besides the high printing quality, it’s easy to use and has affordable prices. The customer support service is another reason we keep it on the top of the list.

2. Printers Jack- Best Sublimation Paper for Mugs

Best sublimation paper

It is known as the best sublimation paper for mugs due to the high working efficiency and permanent image when passing out of the sublimation printer. This is a perfect choice for all users who want digital media on ceramic material with an elegant style and the highest transparent quality.

Putting sublimation paper in printer

Besides its highest printing quality, here are some of its top-notch features attracting people to buy even with a high price.

Important Features

Smooth to Use

This paper is smooth to use as there is no additional requirement to keep it in the sublimation printer itself. It’s an automatic fix paper that lets the users, even those who are newbies, use it. It’s 99% comfortable to use as there is no need to worry about the running quality of the product, no matter in which direction you are using this paper.

High Transfer Rate

It has a high transfer rate of 98% is another reason why we should recommend it. There is no mistake even of a dot or the smallest line with this paper. The customers have allowed use during nights even when there is no twilight. The reason includes its 99% working efficiency, due to which it never fades up or catches any bunch of dust and other particles.

Overall Design

It has a sheet size of A4 Inches with 100 sheets in total. Paper is coated with a protective material such that there is no chance of catching toxic chemicals or dust. Further, the paper itself is free of toxicity, and hence all people can use it easily at their places. With high color reproduction quality, it never fades multiple colors. The results are clear and attractive print.

Wide Applications

Another important feature is that its available for use in various applications from simple cloths to poly fabric cloths. Also, it provides crystal clear images and prints on all clothes, mugs, and ceramic material.

  • Easy and versatile to use
  • Crystal clear image with high reproduction
  • Perfect for personal or business purposes

  • Due to the heat press machine, you need a proper guide before usage
Finally, this printer is unique but top ranking due to its wide features. However, keep in mind that it’s only compatible with inkjet or sublimation printers. So, don’t try to fit or fix it at any common printer, specifically of low quality.

3. DyeMaster for Printing- Best DyeMaster Sublimation Paper

dyemaster sublimation paper

If you want to buy paper to print everything, this printer could be a versatile choice. It is different from old-style printers and is advanced enough to perform tasks related to each type of digital image printing. With a click and a blink of an eye, you can get a digital image with the highest resolution. With many features, this has an extra ability to cope with multiple applications and a variety of applications in daily life. This paper is available on all major e-commerce platforms including Amazon and Walmart.

Important Features

Wide Range of Applications

Primarily, a sublimation paper is only able to perform on limited media. Still, this paper has a wide range of applications and can perform many elements and things that everyone wishes in life. From simple cotton cloths to high-quality wool cloths, and from simple mugs to high-quality ceramic mugs, it’s always an attractive choice by some users.

Auto Dry Ability

People wait for the longest hours so that their printer gets dry, or even they use a lot of ways to get their printer drier. DyeMaster has a dynamic and fabulous feature where you don’t need to worry for long hours to dry the print or image, but this paper did this job. Due to auto dry power, there is no chance of fading up a picture. So, buy this paper and get your job done in a few minutes. Your print is ready to use once using this paper.

Beautiful and Sharp Colors

This paper can offer clean, sharp colors with the highest efficiency. The eye-catching print view produced by this paper can enhance the significance of the ideas which you put down in the digital image. Furthermore, it’s available in different, and hence, you can use which one your wished one. Ultra’s vivid colors are another reason to increase its overall reputation.

  • The dry auto system within 3 seconds
  • Easy and smooth to use for beginners
  • Time-saving paper due to the highest working efficiency

  • Limited in usage
Hence, DyeMaster is a well-reputed sublimation paper brand worldwide and can work faster than any other same quality or paper. The reason is that it has some extra ability to cope with the printing process due to the self-dry feature and due to vivid colors. Due to this paper, getting high-quality digital images within seconds is very easy.

4. Seogol 8.5 x 11 Inches- Best Sublimation Paper for Epson

sublimation paper for epson, sawgrass, mugs and t shirts

The Seogol sublimation paper comes with all you need straight now. Weighing 1.43 pounds, this product dimension is 8.5 x 11 x 0.5 inches. This paper is best for Epson, Sawgrass, and Ricoh inkjet printers. It works with colored garments composed of polyester fabrics and polyester mixes. Furthermore, it’s been sliced, and we are willing to accept your ink. So, load your sublimation paper into your machine. Enjoy the mind-blowing outcomes in a matter of seconds.

Sublimation paper comparison

Important Features

Low Ink Consumption

Consumption of ink is an amazing feature. Using this paper, you can reduce the consumption of your ink. Over 98 percent Ultra High transfer rate, lower production costs by consuming less ink, and save cash.

Authentic Colors

This Seogol sublimation paper dries quickly and has vibrant colors. The color was really clear and lasted a long time. While other sublimation heat transfers fail to achieve real colors, this one goes above and beyond. This sublimation heat transfer produces bright colors.


It has a wide application, can be used on t-shirts, mugs, puzzles, phone cases, cups, caps, and other products that feature a smooth surface.

No Crack & Fade

This Seogol sublimation paper is amazing. You don’t need to worry about color fade or crack that lowers the quality of your work. Your work will be smooth and plain, giving an attractive look to your work. You have to use Teflon while printing to lower the temperature variations.

  • Affordable price
  • No crack
  • No fade
  • Ultra-fast drying
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Only for light colors
  • Blowouts can occur
When you see all of those exorbitantly priced sublimation papers, but, let’s be real, they’re not for everyone. This one, on the other hand, is incredibly inexpensive. Despite its high price, it produces amazing results in seconds.

5. Siser EasySubli- Best Sublimation Paper for T-Shirts

best sublimation papers

If you are an art and craft person, love to make unique special T-shirts, handmade cards, gifts for various events, you can rely on Siser EasySubli Sublimation. It allows you to sublimate on a material that is 100% cotton, and it merges the charm and meaning of dye-sublimation with the fuzziness and impedance of print and cut fabric.

Important Features

Choices of different garments

You can print your favorite unique designs on colorful polyester garments and cotton garments. It is a heat transfer vinyl, so it is not restricted to white polyester only as the traditional sublimation allows printing on only polyester fabrics.

Choices of Different Colors

You can print your excellent colorful design in any color; it could be darker, even like black. As with the older, you could do that on only white or light color doesn’t leave much of choice for you.

Require Low Heat

Deficient heat is required by EasySubli, which is for only 15 seconds and as low as 311°F. For The older sublimation, more heat is needed, as high as 400°F.

Affordable for HTV design

HTV is the heat transfer vinyl design that requires a unique technique for printing. EasySubli needs only a sublimation ink and sublimation printer, and you are ready to go. It is a time-saving and affordable way of sublimation.

Ideal Starter Pack

The unit of EasySubli contains ten sheets having size 8.4 x 11 inches and includes 10 EasySubli Mask sheets, which are needed for transferring your design. The size of each mask sheet is 8 x 10 inches. HeatPressNation is also selling EasySubli sublimation papers in different sizes on their platform.

  • Variety of garment material
  • Variety of colors
  • Low heat
  • Expensive than traditional sublimation
It is a perfect little package to transfer your ideas from your thoughts to a paper or fabric without any limitation. You can flowy convert your imaginations onto textiles and form and gift your loved ones to make them feel special.  When considering HTV sublimation, it is the best choice within your budget.

6. SUB Transfer- Best Sublimation Paper for Inkjet

Best sublimation paper for inkjet printers

Sublimation dying is the well-known technique of the digital printing market, getting more and more common in the world of art and craft. Suppose you too love digital printing and want to print your favorite design and imaginations on a paper, fabric, or other item and now looking for the best sublimation paper.

In that case, SUB Sublimation Transfer Paper could be your good choice. They provide fast and cheap sublimation paper with a great variety in weight and size the form.

Important Features

Capable Of Handling Any Design and Ink

Due to poor sublimation papers, your magnificently designed products sometimes look scuffed and rushed up, and it all makes your hard work go in vain. On the other hand, SUB sublimation paper is perfect enough to handle any design and ink you provide and is compatible with any inkjet printer.

Fast Dry without cracking

If you don’t like to wait for a long time to get your sublimation ink dry thoroughly, then you can rely on Sub sublimation.  Waiting for several hours is familiar with the poor sublimation paper. But this sublimation paper helps you to get rid of this frustrating situation. It makes the design print perfectly without cracking and dry fast, saving your time.

Used For A Variety Of Materials

Sub sublimation papers give you excellent results for a variety of materials. You can use this paper for polyester of high quality and materials with cotton content less or equal to 30%. It can also be used on metal plates, phone cases, and premium ceramic tiles.

It prevents your design from getting ruined, which can happen using poor-quality sublimation papers.

Remarkable Results

Remarkable results for high-quality polyester and any material with a cotton content – don’t waste your time with cheap sublimation papers that ruin your designs.

Excellent Transfer Rate

The transfer rate of this sublimation is excellent, which is more than 98%. Imagine a design that is transferred half on material, how awful it will look and cause a waste of time.  This paper prevents you from all such problems.

  • Compatible with any ink and printer
  • Fast Dry
  • Prevents design cracking
  • Excellent transfer rate
  • Colors can be dull
  • Not suitable to use for the products for selling purpose
If you want to utilize your art and craft skills for a common goal or hobby and try digital printing, then Sub transfer Sublimation Paper could be your good option. It will save you money and your time.

7. KOALA 123GSM – Best Sublimation Paper For Mugs

Koala Sublimation Heat Transfer Paper

Apart from using sublimation paper for completing your hobby, they are also used in business. There is a whole digital printing market, and sublimation papers are part of them. If you are also a business owner searching for the best sublimation paper, then KOALA PAPER Sublimation Paper can be your good partner.

Important Features

Wide Range Of Weight And Size

Koala paper offers a great range of both paperweights and sizes. They provide you with enough choices to ensure that you can complete any project you take on. Either you news a tiny or a more extensive paper size, it proves to be a good companion for you.

Offers Good Thickness

Koala paper is a brand on the thicker part of stuff, which is good. The range of this paper is about 120-130GSM, most commonly 123GSM. It is a perfect thickness to ensure that your designs are transferred perfectly and don’t get folded or creased. The weight they provide is ideal when there is a matter of moving your perfect design.

Easy To Get

The Koala paper brand is trendy in the digital printing world and is readily available. You can get this paper anywhere and anytime you need it. So you don’t have to worry about getting out of stock in case of any emergency project.

Fast Dry

Koala paper makes your design dry fast, so you don’t have to wait for a long time, and you can make your project done instantly.

Easy to use

There are no complex steps involved in using this paper; it can be used easily by following simple steps and setting your printing machine.

Used For A Variety Of Materials

It can be used for a variety of materials having cotton content less than or equal to 30%, furthermore used for pillows, bags, socks, phone cases, mugs, ceramic plates, and many more products.

  • Fast dry
  • Easily available
  • Easy to use
  • Offers good thickness
  • Compatible with only inkjet printers
Koala paper is a famous brand that provides sublimation paper of high quality within a reasonable price range. The transfer rate is also impressive, giving you excellent results. So you choose this without hesitation if you want the best sublimation paper.

8. FOLE 98% Transferability- Best Paper For Sublimation Printing

best sublimation paper by fole brand

Nowadays, digital printing is trending, and sublimation printing is a famous technology. FOLE sublimation paper is the best sublimation Paper and has superb features. Moreover, it would be the best choice for customers looking for quick and efficient sublimation paper. FOLE sublimation paper gives you quick results after pressing the print button in the blink of an eye.

This paper is designed with the highest quality of material for amazing results. Its results are fracture-free. The drying time of the FOLE sublimation paper is also fast. Customization becomes easier with FOLE sublimation paper. FOLE manufacturers do not compromise on the quality of the paper. This paper is designed to meet all the top expectations of their customers.

Important Features

Quality Printing

The quality of the FOLE sublimation paper is excellent. It works according to your expectations and gives life to all your ideas. Use FOLE sublimation paper to give your design an attractive look


FOLE sublimation paper designed for excellent performance. The performance of the FOLE sublimation paper is of high quality. Its transferability is 98% accurate and fast. It is 100% reliable sublimation paper that gives attractive colors quickly.

Fast Drying Time

The fast drying time of the FOLE sublimation paper makes it remarkable from other papers. Many other efficient sublimation papers take a long time, or even users have to wait for a day for drying. Then they get effective results. Now save your precious time with FOLE sublimation paper and get the same effective result.


FOLE sublimation papers are the great companions of any inkjet printer. Sublimation ink used in the process does overall work with printers easily. Moreover, also compatible with polyester fabric that has 30% cotton in it.


FOLE sublimation paper can work with some surfaces. It is used to make designs on cups, mobile cases, mousepads, and others.

Affordable Price

The high-quality FOLE sublimation paper is available at cheap rates in the market. Suppose your budget is low or does not want to spend much money on sublimation paper. This paper is best for you. Its price is low but gives you quick and effective results.

  • High quality
  • Fast
  • Fracture free
  • Affordable
  • Long-lasting result
  • Not good for dark colors
  • Sometimes color fades
Hence, FOLE is an important printer that is recommended due to a lot of factors, including fast working, efficiency, and long-lasting results. Available at very affordable prices, it’s fulfilling its duty in less time.

9. Printer Jack- Best Sublimation Paper For Shirts

sublimation paper for epson sawgrass and shirts

Printer Jack sublimation paper is reliable for transferring your creative designs on any layout. It produces attractive, mesmerizing, and bright designs that are enough to seek the people’s attention. Printer jack sublimation paper is an easy and trusted process. Moreover, best for a 98% accurate transfer rate. Its ink consumption is low. So, you can transfer your designs on the shirts, mugs, covers, bags, and purses in your budget. The thickness of Printer Jack is less than other sublimation papers. But thickness doesn’t affect the design. You can deliver your ideas easily.

Important Features

Outstanding Quality

Printer Jack’s sublimation paper is of excellent quality. They are designed for incredible creativity. Its transfer rate is more than 98% and fracture-free. Moreover, its effects are long-lasting and do not fade away easily. Also best for fast drying. It leaves a bright and impressive result on the design. It saves your manufacturing cause because it doesn’t consume more ink.

Enhance your Creativity

If you want to show and enhance your creative ideas, Printer Jack’s sublimation paper is best. It is an excellent choice to deliver your designs on T-shirts, pillow covers, ceramics, cups, bags, phone covers, and canvas items. If you want to give your own customized gift, use Printer Jack for this.


Printer Jack sublimation paper can work best with any inkjet printer. Sublimation ink plays a vital role in this compatibility.


You can experience the perks of printer jack even when your budget is low. This process consumes less ink during the process.


It offers a lifetime warranty to its customers. Moreover, if you are not satisfied with the quality of the printer jack, you can return it within a month and get your money back. User satisfaction is their main priority.

  • Accurate transfer rate
  • Ease of Use
  • Attractive and bright result
  • Compatible with many surfaces
  • Not good for 100% cotton
  • Size range is reserved
Jack sublimation paper delivers 98% of clear and transfer image quality. With long warranty time and inkjet printer compatibility, the most important feature which attracted us was its low prices and fast working.

10. INNOSUB Texprint- Best Sublimation Paper For Tumblers

dye sublimation paper for sublimation printer

This set contains 110 high-quality 8.5″ × 11″ Inch sublimation papers designed specifically for Ricoh printers. This paper may be used to sublimate on any coated substrate. This product’s wide application includes cups, pottery, wood, and plastics. These items can be found in the Sublimation Mugs and Imprintables category.

Important Features


The application of this product is not limited only to polyester or cotton, but you can design on wood that brings it to the top. The Texprint Dye sublimation paper is an excellent choice for eye-catching printing designs on accessories, mugs, mousepads, and phone cases.

No Cracking

You are faded up from paper cracking and searching for cracking the free paper. Texprint dye sublimation paper comes with a special type of coating that protects it from cracking and makes it easily friendly with sublimation ink.

High Transfer Rate

Texprint Dye also has strong ink pack consistency, a high transfer rate accuracy, and a quick drying time. Furthermore, it is fully recyclable. Because of its adaptability, you won’t need to acquire several dye-sublimation papers for various items. It also provides rich color and texture to your work, making it an excellent eye-catcher.

Special Coating

This transfer paper has a unique coating that enables it to be utilized with Sublimation inks. Great quality transfers can be obtained on a wide range of materials when utilized correctly. Prints will be more vibrant and brilliant.

  • The colors are bright and eye-catching
  • Works on a variety of surfaces
  • Long-lasting and reliable
  • It is fully recyclable
  • Tape may leave a stain on the surface.
If you want a bright, eye-catching layout, Texprint Dye has you covered. It’s flexible, dries rapidly, and lasts a long time, all of which help you get the desired outcome.

Best Sublimation Paper Buying Guide 2024

Although there are a lot of sublimation paper types. We hope that the above information is enough and you can now easily buy the best paper as per your need. However, if you are still confused and want to look for another guide, here is a complete buying guide for the best sublimation papers. Some factors are given below, which are necessary to look at so that your purchase can meet in the way you’ve ever wished.

1. Paper Size

Paper size is the first and foremost thing that you should look for. The reason is that if the paper size is not enough as per your ideal design, then it would be a matter of great attention. Furthermore, size is a fundamental factor if you want to buy sublimation paper for a specific technique.

For example, if you need a large design printing image for t-shirts, bed sheets, and clothes, an A4-sized paper won’t be a subtle choice. However, you can use this paper if you need it to design images on cups, mugs, and other things like these, then you can go for A4 size paper without thinking a second.

2. Color Quality

When it comes to knowing about handling the color, buying a paper that can take vivid colors easily is another factor. The reason is that people love to see attractive and shiny color designs. Moreover, color should meet your brand idea. So, firstly decide which brand color is best and make sure that the paper you want to buy is enough to cope with different colors without fading and harmful impacts on the ink.

3. Drying Time

Having a fast drying time of paper means that you are not only saving your time, but you are saving your money too—the funds which may need to spend on the dryer later. Yes, many papers have fast auto drying quality. We always recommend choosing a piece that has a short dry time. It’s another benefit that it never leaves bad marks, which can be created by ink when it’s wet. All the above printers we mentioned have a fast dry feature, and hence you can choose any one of the above.

4. Compatibility

It’s hurting when you spend a lot of money to buy paper and then come to know that your essay is not compatible with the printer and ink you own. So, before purchasing sublimation paper, we highly recommend seeing compatibility values for both the ink and the printer you want to use.


Is sublimation paper the same as is heat transfer paper?

Although both of these are performing the same function, there is one difference. A heat transfer paper makes an extra layer on the product print, while a sublimation paper does not make this layer.

Can I reuse a sublimation paper?

No, don’t ever reuse the paper even if it’s not affected by a needle. The reason is that these are not compatible with reusing as they can impact your image quality.

120g vs 125g sublimation paper, what is the difference?

125 sublimation papers are helpful for heavy-duty projects and where you need a highly saturated and vivid color. On the other hand, 120 sublimation printers are useful for projects where you don’t need to buy expensive ink or printers. 120 sublimation printer is almost compatible with each type of printer and the ink.

Wrapping Up the Best Sublimation Paper Guide

Above is a complete detail and review of the top 10 best sublimation paper products, which are not only good to make the printing quality best but are durable and pleasing to use for both personal and commercial usage. If you want to buy paper for business purposes, you can buy any one of the above without thinking a second.

However, if you are still confused, you can see our top picks to narrow down your choice up to 3 products.

For more information about the latest printing ideas and products, keep reading our latest blogs.

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