Best Sublimation Printers for Beginners 2024 [8 Perfect Choices]

As the sublimation printers are expensive and high in demand, you might need a beginner’s printer if you are just stepping into the sublimation process. Obviously, the high-end printers are great in terms of productivity and results but having one of the best sublimation printers for beginners is also fine to start with.

Whether you are a student or a newbie in the sublimation business, we recommend you to have a sublimation printer that comes with a low price and running cost. It does not cost you an arm and a leg to run your business, and you get quite handy with these beginners printers very soon.

We found Epson 7720 the best sublimation printer for beginners from every perspective of price, running cost, maintenance, productivity, and result during our research.

Not only does it come with an economical range, but also beginner’s friendly features and exceptional results.

The other lined-up printers are also one of the top-rated printers for beginners in sublimation.

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Top 8 Best Sublimation Printers for Beginners in 2024

1. Epson WorkForce WF-7720 Review -Best overall

Best Sublimation Printerd for beginners epson wf 7720


  • Connectivity technology: Wi-Fi
  • Dimension:2 x 22.3 x 13.4 inches
  • Weight: 80 lbs
  • Maximum media size:13 X 19 inches
  • Maximum print speed:18 pages per min

Epson WF-7720 is another best sublimation printer for beginners in the market powered by PrecisionCore. It is the heaviest printer among all that weighs up to 40.80 lbs. Also, you need a lot of space to put it there as its dimensions are 32.2 x 22.3 x 13.4 inches.

printing with workforce 7720


It prints up to 13″ x 19″ and scans up to 11″ x 17″ quickly as it prints 18 pages per min. It features a versatile inkjet along with dual trays having a capacity of 500 sheets. Plus, it includes a rear feed for specialty paper. Epson WF-7720 is the best possible choice for those who want stunning graphics. This printer will only work with Epson cartridges; any other cartridge cannot be used in it.

WF-7720 has a large paper capacity, making it a good choice for businesses that need to print large volumes of documents. It also has a high print resolution, which produces sharp and detailed prints.


  • Print-shop quality:

This printer prints borderless ( 13 X 19”) photos. It provides the best quality photos with sharp and bright colors while using operating systems.

  • Operating System compatibility

Windows 10 (32-bit, 64-bit), Windows 8/8.1 (32-bit, 64-bit), Windows 7 (32-bit, 64-bit), Windows Vista (32-bit, 64-bit), Windows Server 2003 (SP2) – Windows Server 20167, Mac OS X 10.6.8 – macOS 10.12.x

  • Economical:

It consumes up to 80% less power than other color laser printers.

  • High volume printing:

It comes with dual trays, which can hold 500 sheets, plus it has a rear feed for specialty paper and has 125 sheets output tray.

  • Easy navigation and control:

It has a 4.3’’ color screen that is enough to read the text easily.

  • Ultimate wireless printing and networking:

It can directly connect with Wi-Fi, Ethernet, or NFC to take prints from smartphones, tablets, iPhones, or iPad.

  • Large scans:

It can easily scan up to 11″ x 17″ with a 2-sided Auto Document Feeder.

  • Automatic 2 sided prints.

It can copy, fax, and print with a 35 pages auto document feeder.

  • Printing cost is low
  • Wireless functionality with Wi-Fi support
  • High volume printing
  • Automatic duplex print /fax and scan
  • Heavy, Larger footprints
  • It makes noise while printing

Final words

Epson WF-7720 is perfect for beginners in the business of sublimation printing. We love it because of its heavy-duty results. It might be too large for your average sublimation printer; however, it gives a variety of paper sizes thanks to this. One-page printing costs are high, but it backs it up by giving heavy-duty work. In short, it is perfect for beginners or occasion printing as well.

Epson 7720 is also available for sale on eBay.

2. Kodak Dock & Wi-Fi Portable 4×6”-Best  Instant Photo Printer

Best sublimation printer for beginners


  • Dimension:14 x 19 x 22 inches
  • Weight:3.20 lbs
  • Maximum Media Size: 4 X 6 inches
  • Compatible devices: Smartphones, Pc, Laptops

Just press the button and get ready to take clear photos. Kodak dock provides the ease of printing with crisp and clear pictures. By using Photo Printer Dock PD-450 by Kodak, you can create beautiful 4×6 inches photos with just one press. This innovative dock can also work as a printer and charger; it will power up your various devices. With its easy printing technology, you can save time.

There is no need to transfer the files to a computer or memory card. All you need to do is just plug your android phone into the printer via a 5 pin dock, or you can attach your iPhone with the lightning charger. This smart device is easily compatible with Wi-Fi networks. Its multiple features make it stand out in the market. Also, its PictBridge technology allows one to print photos directly from the digital camera without using memory cards.

working with kodack dock photo printer

To enhance your creativity and make it fun, it has an app-free editing feature through which you can edit or customize your picture as you want. It is as easy as ABC, so the kids can also use it to make their projects, card templates, etc.

Key features:

  • One-touch printing:

Kodak Dock makes it easy for us to print photos directly from our smartphones, either Android or iOS.So it’s convenient for everyone to print photos with just one touch by using this stimulation printer.

  • High-quality photos:

The one thing that spoils your good memories is the color-fading photos. There is no need to be worried about it as Kodak Dock stimulation printers come with D2T2 thermal transfer technology that won’t fade or bleed the colors. It prints high-quality 4 X 6 inches photos with stunning details.

  • Versatile:

It’s a bundle of joy for both kids and adults, as they both can use it in many ways, such as printing Polaroid photos, greetings, Invitation cards, scrapbooks, layouts, journals, and beyond.

  • Fun photo decoration:

The amazing feature of this printer is fun photo decoration for sure. By using this feature, you can decorate your Polaroid prints with different stickers, balloons, birthday cakes, candles, and so on to make them fun-filled and interesting.

  • Simultaneous charging:

Its unique dock supplies a fast charge that is good enough for home, office, and business use. Moreover, two small devices can also be powered up by using it.

  • Companion app :

You can download the Kodak photo printer app to download filters, stickers, card templates, Collage makers, videos, and SNS prints. Airprint can also be used for iPhones.

  • Maximum device compatibility:

It can be attached to both Android and iOS.5 pin micro USB is used for android and a USB host for printing from  iPhone, iPad, Digital Camera, or USB memory stick; We recommend using the printer only with supplied power adapters (Power 24V 2.5A)

  • Double-edged versatility:

For clean and precise writing, unique 1mm tip markers are used, while thicker 3-4mm angled chiseled tips are used for bolder strokes.

  • Bold, Vibrant color: Kodak Dock printer is compatible with printing high-quality full-colored photographs using ink cartridges.
  • Multiple storage compartments:

It has multiple storage compartments inside and outside.

  • Unique D2T2 Innovation:

Its D2T2 thermal transfer technology helps to reduce blur and color fading while applying color quickly and evenly.

  • Economical
  • Fast charging
  • High-quality photos
  • Easy to use with one-touch
  • Multi-featured
  • Cartridge runs out quickly
  • The app doesn’t connect easily with the iPhone.

Final words:

Anyone who is looking for an energy-saving and ink-saving sublimation printer can fully rely on this sublimation printer. This printer makes the process of printing fun with its fast charger. Although it does not feature voluminous ink cartridges, Kodak Dock makes sure to never compromise on quality.

3. Canon SELPHY CP1300 Wireless-Best Compact Photo Printer

CP1300 sublimation printer for beginners


  • Dimensions: 4 x 7.1 x 2.5 inches
  • Weight90 lbs
  • Maximum printing speed:1 page per minute
  • Compatible devices: Smartphones, Pc, Laptops
  • Sheet size :3 x 5 inches

After making world-class cameras, Canon came into the market to introduce their best sublimation printer, which definitely hit the market as their cameras did. Canon selphy CP1300 is a Wireless photo printer that can be easily connected with Wi-Fi, Airprint, Mopria device printing, Canon print app, memory card support, USB Flash memory, and PictBridge. Its unique and portable design is best suitable for homes, and offices, and you can easily take it anywhere. It’s up to you whether you can take the photo with borders or without borders.

reviewing Canon SELPHY CP 1300

It can print photos in two different sizes (4 X6 inches and card size photos).  It takes 47 seconds to print 4 X 6 inches photos while 39 seconds to print card-size photos. Furthermore, its 3.2’’ LCD is used to edit and make fun collages of different photos.

Last but not least it comes with the packaging of

  • SELPHY CP1300 Compact Photo Printer.
  • Paper Cassette (Postcard Size).
  • Sample Ink/Paper (5 Sheets of Postcard Size).
  • Compact Power Adapter.

Key features:

  • Wireless connection:

It has a wireless connection of 802.11b/g, which finishes the problem of finding out the plug for the connection. You can connect it wirelessly for easy working.

  • Portable and compact:

It is designed beautifully and looks like a small box. Being small and light, you can put it anywhere. Plus, it can be easily carried, even to your parties and functions where you can simply attach the printer with your phone and take photo booth prints hand by hand.

  • Instagram prints:

With square 2.1 X 2.1”, photo labels allow you to print your Instagram images and other format digital images as well.

  • Diverse connectivity:

Canon Selphy CP1300 makes it simple to connect easily with smartphones and tablets. Plus, USB and camera memory cards can also connect to them.

  • 2’’ Tilt-up touch LCD:

The amazing feature that Canon introduced in its printer is 3.2 inches touch LCD, which is used to choose and edit photos of your own choice before printing.

  • Optional Battery pack:

Canon provides you with a battery pack along with the printer to take your SelphyCP1300 anywhere with you.

  • Create fun collages with party shuffle print:

By using the Led of Canon Selphy CP1300, you can easily make collages of different photos. This feature will make your parties more fun as it can print collages of shared images of your friends on the spot.

  • Print in Various sizes:

You can print the photos in different sizes of your choice by using this printer e.g. Postcard (4.0” x 6.0”) and many more sizes.

  • Easy control with LED
  • High-quality
  • water-resistant photos
  • Dye-sublimation printing technology
  • Wireless printer
  • Work only with canon paper
  • High-cost cartridge

Final words:

In short, Canon SELPHY CP1300 is easy to use and gives long-lasting prints. This printer takes sublimation printing to another level. It only works with canon paper which is quite expensive. The quality of prints, along with the variety of paper formats, makes it an incomparable choice!

4. Sawgrass SG500 Sublimation Printer-Best sublimation printer

sawgrass sg500 sublimation printer


  • Brand: Sawgrass
  • Compatible devices: Smartphones, Pc, Laptops
  • Connectivity Technology: Wi-Fi

Sawgrass SG500 is one of the best sublimation printers for beginners available in the market, with low start-ups and running costs. You can use it to customize different products with vibrant HD images quickly, easily, and profitably. Sawgrass designed it very smartly to print high-quality photos by using minimum ink; that is why it costs less and provides you with the best.SG500 is much similar to SG400 due to its compact design but has been updated from the inside.SG500 is more energy-efficient, gives high-resolution prints, and offers Wi-Fi connectivity.

sg500 setup and settings

It can print up to 51’’ long (1295mm). Sawgrass printer gives you a 2-year warranty and provides you with technical support for the product’s life.


  • Sublijet UHD Sublimation Inks:

The company provides you with a complete set of sublijet UHD sublimation inks +Sawgrass Print Manager +CreativeStudio Online Designer and 220 sheets of exclusive SUBLIMAX brand sublimation paper.

  • Creative studio online designer:

This printer has creative studio software that is very easy to use for everyone. Also, Sawgrass has developed a stock design library for your ease.

  • Warranty:

The company claims a warranty of 2 years and also provides technical support till the life of the product.

  • Easy to use
  • Free stock design library
  • Free creative studio software
  • Comes with sublijets UHD inks
  • 2 years warranty
  • Expensive compatible inks
  • Technical support is up to the latest technology

Final words

Sawgrass SG500 is a printer that you must have heard of for genuine sublimation printing. Most recommended and user-friendly printer as you don’t need to convert it, and it is the only sublimation printer in the market. It is one of the long-lasting printers. Moreover, its simple design and features make it perfect for beginners. The compatible ink cartridges might be costly, but the printer overall is budget-friendly with an amazing warranty!

Walmart users can purchase SG500 from Walmart too. Check the price from Walmart.

5. Epson EcoTank ET-2720 Wireless-Best economical printer

ecotank 2720 sublimation printer


  • Item Dimensions :7  X 14.8 X 8.7 inches
  • Maximum Media Size: 5 X 14 inch
  • Print media: Plain paper
  • Maximum Print Speed:10 pages per min

Epson EcoTank ET-2720 is another beginner’s sublimation printer with a scanner and copier. It offers cartridge-free printing and is very easy to fill along with super-sized ink tanks. Epson Ecotank is economical compared to the other printers on the list because it provides you an ink replacement set that is much enough for 2 years.

Epson EcoTank ET-2720 network setting process

Each replacement ink bottle can easily print up to 4500 pages, so what do you want more? As the ink cartridges are more expensive than the refilled ink bottles, in this sense, you can save 90% by using this beginner’s printer. Last but not least, it uses uniquely keyed EcoFit bottles.


  • Modern Connectivity:

It can be easily connected to your iPhones, smartphones, or android phones via Wi-Fi. Also, it uses wireless connectivity, so there will be no mess of wires anymore. Furthermore, it features hands-free, voice-activated printing.

  • Economical:

Ink replacement is the main cost of printing. Epson makes its printers economical because it comes with 2 years of replacement ink with the pack, which saves 90% of the ink replacement cost.

  • Impressive print quality:

It has Unique Micro Piezo Heat-Free Technology which provides sharp text and high-quality photos and prints as well. Also, it can print on any type of paper; no special media is required.

  • Cartridge-free printing:

Most of the printers available in the market use ink cartridges to print, which is a pretty expensive way of printing. But Epson offers you cartridge-free printing by using good-sized ink tanks that are very easy to fill.

  • Built-in scanner:

A high-resolution flatbed scanner is installed in it for copying documents easily.

  • Warranty:

It comes with a 2 years warranty with registration. So you must not worry about using it as you can claim any of its warranty options in case anything goes bad during usage.

  • High print quality
  • Saves up to 90% of the ink
  • Wireless connection
  • Exclusive EcoFit design
  • Perfect for sublimation
  • Scan only 1 page at a time on a flatbed

Final words

To sum it up, for undisturbed printing or sublimation printing Epson EcoTank ET-2720 is a perfect choice. For beginners and professionals alike, it gives amazing print quality. The only drawback is that it does not have an auto document feeder. Aside from that, you will be saving a lot of money thanks to the tank. You can print for a long time without refilling ink cartridges again and again. Epson Eco Tank 2720 is also available at Walmart.

6 . Epson EcoTank ET-15000:-Best wide format 13×19 sublimation printer

epson ecotank 15000


  • Dimensions:7 x 17.6 x 13 inches
  • Weight:5 pounds
  • Compatible devices: Pc, laptops
  • Printing technology: Inkjet
  • Maximum print speed:17 pages per min

The EcoTank ET-15000 is a wireless all-in-one printer that can print using inkjets instead of ink cartridges. It has huge ink tanks inside it, which are very easy to fill with ink. Also, it comes with replacement ink bottles which you can use for printing for almost 2 years. It can print up to 13 X 19’’ through the rear feed tray and scans up to 8.5 X 14’’ via ADF. Allowing printing of up to 6000 pages by use of each replacement set.

If we use it with dye sublimation, 80 individual cartridges will be used to print such pages. Its front tray can hold 250 sheets. ET-15000 features hands-free, voice-activated printing, which lets you print while doing other work; this saves time. Plus, it has a 2.7” color touch screen, making it easy to use. Moreover, you may connect it to your smartphones, pc, and laptops to take prints.


  • Less waste:

It has a huge ink tank built up; that is why there is no need to change the cartridges again and again. All you need to do is fill the ink in the tanks, and you are set to go. This feature produces less waste.

  • Money saver:

It is the best sublimation printer, as it saves your money in every sense. First, it provides you with replacement ink sets for two years. Secondly, it gives more paper prints for comparatively less money.

  • Works with Alexa :

The amazing feature of this printer is hands-free, voice-activated printing. It means if you are busy anywhere else, you just need to give the task while speaking, and the printer will do it for you.

  • Performance:

Using Precision core technology gives an outstanding performance, which makes it stand tall amongst the list of printers.

  • Versatile paper handling:

It can print up to 13″ x 19″ through rear feed; copy and scan up to 8. 5″ x 11″ (via the scan bed) or 8.5″ x 14″ (via the ADF).

  • Zero ink wastage
  • Saves money
  • Easy to change inkjets
  • High productivity

  • Paper jam error

Final words

To conclude, Epson EcoTank ET-15000 is great for speed and design. It has a fancy look and gives amazing quality prints. Although it’s an inkjet printer, you can easily use it for sublimation printing. It does not have a large control panel, which is perfect for minimalist designs. Insert the bottles in the tank and get printing for quite a long time.

7. Brother MFC-J995DW Inkvestment Tank – Best Affordable AIO Sublimation Printer

best sublimation printers for beginners


  • Weight:20 lbs
  • Dimensions :7 x 13.4 x 17.1 inches
  • Printing technology: Inkjet
  • Connectivity technology: Wireless, Ethernet, USB
  • Sheet size:5 X 14 inches
  • Compatible devices: Smartphones, Pc, Laptop
  • Maximum print speed: 12 pages per min

If you are searching for the best yet affordable sublimation printer, then stop worrying. Brother MFC J995 is the best option for the sublimation printer that can fulfill your home or small office needs. It features reengineered Investment Tank Cartridges along with an internal ink storage tank. That gives uninterrupted printing for up to 1-year without purchasing ink. Its 2.7” color touch screen makes it easy to use. Brother claims that they provide ink for two whole years, but it depends on your usage. You can check how much ink is left inside through the visual numerical way.

If we talk about the printing speed, it can print 12 pages per min. The speed might not be the best out there, but you shouldn’t have a problem with sublimation printing. Investment Tank models monitor actual ink usage and display your estimated remaining page counts to give you increased visibility. So you can print with confidence and virtually without interruption. It is based on average monthly print volumes of approximately 150 pages at 60% black pages / 40% color pages by ISO/IEC 24711 using 4 cartridges provided in the box.


  • Eliminate ink replacement :

It features Brother intelligent Page Gauge, which lets you know about the usage of ink, how much ink you have used, and how much ink is left. It will save you from a shortage of ink.

  • Investment tank system:

It has Reengineered ink cartridges that hold a large amount of ink that will make your printing smooth, and you will not face the problem of ink replacement anymore during printing.

  • Operating System compatibility:

PC-Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7,Windows Server 2008, 2008 R2, 2012, 2012 R2,    2016 Mac- OS X v10.11.6, 10.12.x, 10.13.x

  • Supported network protocols:

TFTP Server, HTTP Server, FTP Client, NDP, RA, DNS Resolver, DNS, LLMNR Responder, LPR/LPD, Custom Raw Port/Port 9100, SMTP Client, SNMPv1/v2c/v3, ICMPv6, LDAP, Web Services (Print/Scan)

  • Easy use and navigation:

Its 2.7’’ color touch screen makes usage and navigation easy .you can read text easily on this screen

  • Economical
  • No warm-up time needed
  • Rich printing and scan quality
  • Less ink running out
  • Paper tray at the back
  • Misleading ink statement

Final words

To sum it up, it is perfect for saving money. Brother MFC-J995DW uses less ink whilst giving heavy-duty printing. This makes it perfect for sublimation businesses, especially for beginners. Giving you amazing quality output at such a low price is quite attractive. Although it’s not designed for sublimation printing, its various features like speed and ADF make it suitable for sublimation.

8. HP OfficeJet Pro 9025 – Best Mid-range Pick

sublimation printer for beginners


  • Printing technology: Inkjet
  • Connectivity technology: Wi-Fi, four-pin USB Type A, RJ-11, RJ-45
  • Weight:9 pounds
  • Dimensions:5 x 17.2 x 15.6 inches

Meet HP OfficeJet Pro 9025, the only desktop printer designed especially for beginner’s sublimation printing. It is sturdy on hand with 30.9 lbs weight and has a larger footprint of 12.5 x 17.2 x 15.6 inches. Coming with a 2.65’’ color touch screen makes it easy to operate. With its Genuine HP 962 ink, you will get excellent result printing. Also, it provides you with the ink for 2 months. It organizes the documents 50% faster than the others. It offers you to work with the HP smart app, which gives you access to printers and scanners to print, scan, and monitor the ink levels.

Speaking of the printing speeds, in our testing, the printer raced at 24 ppm for black and 20 ppm for color, which is decent compared to most competitors in the market.

printing with my hp officejet pro


The scanner on the device took about 12.5 seconds to produce a color scan. On the connectivity note, it has a LAN port along with two modem ports, a USB Type-B port, and a USB Type-A port. If you wish to go wireless, it also features Wi-Fi functionality with support for Wi-Fi Directly.


  • Hp smart App:

Hp introduces Hp smart App, which gives easy access to printers and scanners, plus you can also monitor the ink level with its usage.

  • Self-healing Wi-Fi:

With its self-healing Wi-Fi feature, you will not be disturbed while working. Helping you to stay connected to Wi-Fi, it automatically undergoes up to 3 stages of reconnection to keep your Wi-Fi stable. It also, detects connectivity problems as well, making the printer even more reliable.

  • Built-in security essentials;

 It provides basic encryption, password protection, Wi-Fi security, and document protection to protect your sensitive data.

  • Sustainable design:

It is designed smartly by using up to 10% recycled plastic.

  • Warranty:

HP offers you a 1-year limited hardware warranty with 24-hour, 7 days a week FREE HP Web support.

  • Create editable searchable documents:

By using Hp smart app, you can scan documents from iCloud or Box that you can later search and edit before printing

  • Economical printing
  • Good speed
  • Compact, Colorful, and fast
  • Smaller footprints
  • Adf is glitchy
  • Complicated installation

Final words

To conclude, HP Officejet Pro 9025 might be comparatively expensive for beginner use. It backs it up by giving easy paper handling along with printing various paper formats. The speed is amazing, and you get up to 24 ppm, which is great for its price. Moreover, its various connectivity options let you print different designs from all over the world!

Things you should consider before buying the best sublimation printers for beginners

If you are in search of the best sublimation printer for beginners, then you must keep some factors in your mind, which we have discussed below:

1. Printing quality

The first thing you need to check is the quality of the printing. You must choose a printer that gives you high-quality prints with no color bleeding. The prints must be clear, and the color should be vibrant.

2. High resolution

Printers with high resolution produce high-quality prints. Before purchasing any sublimation printer, check for the highest resolution they offer. The resolution of the print image is measured in dots per inch.

3. Available connectivity

Before purchasing the sublimation printer, you should check its availability. Try to choose a printer with both wired and wireless connectivity. Always look for USB or Wi-Fi Direct connectivity in the printer.

4. Printing speed

For business purposes, one more basic thing you need to do is check the speed of printing. You need to check how much paper it can print in one min. The printer which provides you the quick service is best suitable for your business.

5. Maximum printing layout

Another thing you must notice is the layout offered by the printer. You should choose those printers which offer you the maximum layout.

6. Printing Material

Don’t forget to check that the printer can print which materials. Either it can print the material which you want to print or not.

7. Printing Method

Some printers print directly on the surface, and some print using heat transfer methods. Now it’s up to you to choose the printer according to your demand.

8. Cartridge Acknowledgment

The cartridge is the most important thing you need to check in the printers while purchasing. You must go for a printer whose cartridge gives good working experience to others. Also, you need to check the cost of the cartridge plus how many pages it can print.

What is sublimation printing?

Sublimation is a process in which a solid material turns into a gas without going through a liquid stage. In this technique, a high-temperature heat press is used to transfer dye on various materials such as plastic, fabric, paper and cards, and many more. Sublimation printers are also used to transfer the motifs to various materials such as T-shirts, and ceramic mugs using a carrier material.

1. Products that can be printed

Many businesses can start using sublimation printers, which can be profitable too. A-List of profitable dyed or printed items that sublimation printing provides are mentioned below:

  • Home decoration
  • Photograph printing
  • Signage
  • Rigid substrates
  • Blank rigid substrates
  • Polyester fabrics

2. What do you need?

Five essential tools are needed to make this type of printing possible.

  1. Sublimation printer
  2. Sublimation paper
  3. Computer and RIP software
  4. Cutting mechanism
  5. Different types of heat press

3. Benefits of sublimation printers

  • It can print on rigid surfaces like photo slates, plates, mud, and many more.
  • Sublimation is by itself a fast learning process.
  • Because of its simple and fast operation, you can produce orders on the same day.
  • It offers an unlimited range of colors by using four-color ink (CMYK).
  • Nowadays, it is very common to put a picture on different things like mugs, plates, hose holds, etc. As hundreds of items can be prepared with sublimation, you can purchase your sublimation printer and start your own business.

4. Drawbacks of sublimation printers

  • The fabric must be 100% polyester or made of at least 2/3 of polyester.
  • After a few months, the item may lose color due to the effect of Uv rays.

Final words

We hope you have decided on the things you need and the printer you want. Sublimation printing is a good small work business as well. Once you get used to it, the process of printing on different materials is fun. To make it even easier to decide, here are the three best sublimation printers for beginners.

  • Best beginner-friendly- Sawgrass SG500 sublimation printer: It gives easy control panel options along with high-quality pictures.
  • Best dye sublimation printer-Canon SELPHY CP1300: Second place is this printer due to its amazing quality and vibrant colored pictures.
  • Best economical sublimation printer-Epson ET-2720: Last but not least is the Epson tank featuring a sublimation printer. Tanks are easy to use and take away numerous refilling procedures.


1. Is sublimation printing waterproof? How long does it stay?

It stays for a long time, depending on the quality of the printer.

2. Is it important to heat the press?

Yes, you should use a heat press and keep it on the material for the 60-sec minimum.

3. Is sublimation ink expensive?

Yes, as compared to regular inks, these inks are quite costly.

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