10 Best Sublimation Printers For Heat Transfer [Paper, Shirts] Reviews 2024

Sublimation printers are easy devices used to print your designs on any fabric, mugs, or other objects. With advanced technology, one does not have to depend on others or the market to print their favorite design on a shirt because you can easily do it by yourself! Although for choosing the best sublimation printer for heat transfer, you would have to do a lot of research.

Keeping the trouble in mind, we have listed down printers for heat transfer that can fulfill your passion for design and fashion. You can choose from any of these top ten printers for heat transfer written in this article.


1. Sawgrass SG500-Best Desktop Sublimation Transfer Printer

Sg500 Best sublimation printer for heat transfer


  • Connectivity: WIFI
  • Compatible device: Smartphone, PC, laptop
  • Sheet size: 51˝ long (1295 mm)
  • Warranty: 2 years

Sawgrass SG500 is an improved version of the sawgrass SG400. This heat transfer sublimation machine efficiently prints sublimation mugs, shirts, phone cases, and many more substrates. Also, sawgrass allows you to create your own customized marginalize and designs with quality colors. Furthermore, this energy-saving sublimation machine is reasonable even for starting a small business. Compared to the previous model SG400, sawgrass has used more improved features in SG500  along with a single roll bar, giving more vibrant colors on printing and is easier to use than the previous model.

unboxing and testing sawgrass sg500 printer at my workplace

Moreover, well-organized in-house support reduces ink consumption yet ensures a good outcome. Also, you can use SG400 supplies with SG500, such as bypass trays, etc. Lastly, sawgrass offers 2 years warranty for SG500 along with genuine tech support.


INCLUDED INKSET: The sawgrass SG500 comes with a sublijet HD ink set which can be used for printing on any kind of fabric or substrate. This ink set is a great ink resource to print all kinds of substrates for heat transfer. However, for T-shirt printing, ChromaBlast HD or EasySubli ink gives the best results.

CREATIVE STUDIO SOFTWARE:  This sublimation machine allows you to use online software for creating designs. Also, sawgrass has a collection of decent goods designs.

QUALITY PERFORMANCE: Connect your printer with Wi-Fi to print elegant high-resolution prints with fine color quality. The featured print managers allow you to print edited designs through programs such as Adobe and others.

AUTOMATED MAINTENANCE: The SG500 carries out an automatic after-care service making printing easier.

  • Sublijet-HD ink set available.
  • Designing software.
  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Eco friendly
  • 2 years warranty
  • Can’t print on cotton fabric


Sawgrass SG500 is the top-rated sublimation printer that saves energy and gives you vibrant colored and efficient results. Even though it comes with an ink set, which is an excellent deal if you run out of those inks, buying a new ink set can be costly. Apart from that, with great customer care and a long warranty, this sublimation printer is a must-try. Also, you can only use high-quality ink to print from this printer.

2. HP Smart Tank Plus 551-Best Editor’s Choice

Best HP Sublimation Printer


  • Printing technology: LaserJet printer
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth
  • Display: 4.3-inch touch screen
  • Compatible device: Smartphones

When we hear the word HP, the only word that comes to our mind is quality and productivity. This sublimation printer for heat transfer is famous for its high-quality ink, vivid prints, and cost-effectiveness. Furthermore, the printer’s design is pretty impressive and eye-catching as it’s just a simple, sleek design. It is a compact printer that doesn’t have any heavy or extra parts on its body, making it easy to control and use.

Although it works with a speed of 11ppm, which is less than the 30ppm speed of brother HL monochrome, the space in the sheet tray is the same as Epson workforce 7710 which is 250 sheets.


LARGE TANK: The printer uses a large space for ink bottles giving access to a large amount of ink for long time use. Also, the ink bottles are already included, which can be used for 2 years without running out of ink. Also, you can have a spill-free refill which makes your work life easy and hassle-free.

SHARP PERFORMANCE: Resolution of 4800×1200 Dpi and wireless connectivity through Wi-Fi and Bluetooth ensures speedy printing with vibrant and bright colors. It gives you 8000 colors or 6000 black prints before you need a refill of inks, which is quite efficient.

FAST RESPONSE: The HP tank plus 511 can easily print 11 pages within minutes, reducing time consumption.

WIDTH OF PAPER: The size allowed by this printer varies from 3×5”, 4×6, 5×7”, and 8×10” precisely. It also offers auto duplex handling of the paper.

  • Excellent design
  • Fast printing
  • Scanning feature.
  • High performance
  • Time-saving
  • Expensive


HP plus 511 comes with all the required features of portability, cost-effectiveness, and high quality for providing a good quality sublimation. Although it’s a bit costly for those who want to buy low-price sublimation printers for heat transfer, the high price is justified compared to the value it offers.

3. EPSON ET-15000-Best wide-format 13×19 sublimation printer

Epson Sublimation Printer for Heat Transfer


  • Printing Technology: Inkjet
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi
  • Compatible Devices: PC, Laptops
  • Sheet Size: 11 x 17

Replacing ink in your printer can be pretty much troublesome. If you want a reliable printer that gives you high productivity and saves you from high ink costs then, the Epson eco tank 15000 is the one for you. This sublime printer is cost-effective, featuring easily refilled ink tanks that print almost 6 thousand pages which are comparable to the pages 80 cartridges would print.

changing ink of epson et 15000

You get versatile paper handling sizes 5×11″, 13×19″, and 8.5×14″ via scan bed and ADF, respectively. We liked the quality of the prints for the T-shirts printing as the prints don’t fade away after some use.


PROFITABLE: This sublimation printer makes you less worried about ink wastage as 90% of ink could be saved by low-cost ink replacement bottles. Also, it costs you 1 cent per color for ISO pages and 20 cents per cartridge.

HIGH PROFILE: The high-capacity Supertank saves ink which can be used for almost 2 years; also, Epson ET is programmed with precision core technology ensuring amazing performance with accuracy.

WIFI CONNECTION: You can easily Connect Epson ET with direct Wi-Fi or Ethernet. It also works with hands-free voice activation perfectly.

PRODUCTIVENESS: It features a 2.7-inch touch screen that can easily print up to 13″ x 19″ via rear feed and also scans 8. 5″ x 14″ sized sheets through the scan bed.

GOOD CAPACITY: Epson ET 15000 has a capacity of 250 sheets in the front tray. You can easily print documents of 200-250 pages. Also, it can print on 2 sides automatically.

  • Zero ink wastage
  • High productivity
  • Saving 90% of the ink
  • Value for money
  • Lively prints
  • Difficult setup


Epson ET 15000 is the best sublimation printer that can be used in offices and at home. Also, It is an economically beneficial printer saving you from costly ink replacements. If you want to start a shop or print vibrant color pictures, Epson ET will be a good choice.


4. EPSON ET-2720-Best printer for sublimation printing



  • Dimensions: 7 x 14.8 x 8.7 inches
  • Printing Technology: Inkjet
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi Direct, Wi-Fi, USB, Ethernet
  • Warranty: 2-year

If you are searching for an alternative to the Epson ET 15000 that offers the same quality at a more affordable price, this is the one for you. EcoTank ET-2720 is less costly as compared to ET-15000, still ensuring the same high and good quality prints. It’s a good device to start sublimation either as a hobby or any business.

Likewise, this cheap sublimation printer for heat transfer also saves you from the wastage of cartridges with the high-capacity super tanks. Also, refilling is easy and Eco-friendly with replaceable ink bottles. Lastly, Epson offers 4,500 black page prints and 7,500 colorful prints.


LOW WASTAGE: This printer provides you an opportunity to save 90 percent of the cost you spend on ink cartridges as the ink provided can last for 2 years.

SCANNING ADVANTAGE: This sublimation printer can also be used to scan documents and as a copier offering a good color print.

IMPOSING GRAPHICS:  Unique Micro Piezo Heat-Free Technology gives you accurate text and color with high-quality graphics.

ALEXA CONNECTIVITY: Epson 2720 makes sublimation easy for you through Alexa. You can easily instruct Alexa to control the sublimation printing.

  • Voice control
  • High Capacity
  • Wi-Fi connection
  • Budget-friendly
  • Good prints
  • Average resolution


Epson ET 2720 gives you a good quality print and vibrant color. Although the text can be as accurate or clear as provided by other printers apart from that, it can easily be connected to Wi-Fi or Alexa, making your work easy and carefree. Also, 2 years warranty is available.


5. Epson EcoTank ET 3760: Sublimation Printer



  • Dimensions:13.7 x 14.8 x 9.1 inches
  • Printing technology: Inkjet
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi, USB, Ethernet
  • Compatible device: Smartphone
  • Printer output: Color

The Epson Eco tank ET 3760 comes in the list of best sublimation printers for heat transfer with its eye-catching exterior and easy-to-use system. This sublimation printer offers fast and affordable printing with great print quality. The auto-feed space available is on the top front, and the printed paper comes from a tray given at the bottom.

Also, the paper tray has a capacity of 150 sheets and 30 ADF, which is slightly higher than eco tank ET2750. Moreover, compared to ET 2750, Epson eco tank 3760 features advanced voice control, making printing easier and speedier. Lastly, the LCD provided on the front can be an easy way to use the printer as the touch screen buttons tend to be operated easily.


PRINTING CONNECTION: You can easily connect your smartphones to printers through Wi-Fi or Ethernet. Also, various installation of printing apps such as the Epson Iprint app on mobile can be helpful for quick print.

QUALITY OF COLOR: With efficient and impressive paper quality and a resolution of 4800×1200 dpi Epson gives your photos and prints a fine look with vibrant coloration.

HIGH CAPACITY: Epson saves you from changing cartridges again and again with large-capacity ink tanks. Also, saving you from spending too much money on ink cartridges.

COST EFFECTIVE: This sublimation machine, being economically designed, can print 7,500 pages of black and 6,000 colored pages.

  • 2 years ink supplied
  • Large tank for ink
  • Easy use
  • Great coloration
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • It’s a bit costly


The ET-3760 features a document feeder ensuring responsive and speedy printing. Epson doesn’t compromise on providing good printing quality with vibrating colors. The only downside that we faced was that the software accompanying the printer sometimes needed instructions more than once. Although from a quality point of view this printer is simply good.

6. EPSON ECO TANK ET 2750:-Best Budget Sublimation Printer for Heat Transfer



  • Dimensions: 3 x 14.8 x 10.2 inches
  • Color: Black
  • Printing Size: Up to 5760 x 1440 optimized dpi
  • Paper Capacity: 100 sheet
  • Warranty: 12 Months

The Epson ET 2750 itself is a unique design with a stylish look that comes with a touchscreen alongside button features. Other than that, with this model, you can be free from the worry of ink filling as it comes with an ink set lasting for 2 years, and even if you are low on ink, you can use the bottles present instead of purchasing new ink bottles.

Reviewing and Uboxing brand new Epson ET 2750 Sublimation Printer

Although comparatively, Epson ET 3760 gives you the facility of printing 150 sheets, while this printer comes with a capacity of 100 sheets only, the quality and resolution are better than the ET 3760. Lastly, with the amount of present ink, one can easily print 5200 colored along with 6500 black and white images.


INEXPENSIVE REPLACEMENT: The replacement of ink bottles in Epson ET 2750 is low priced and can be replaced without any load on your pocket.

FAST CONNECTION: This sublimation printer allows you to connect your printer to your smartphone through Wi-Fi and print your design whenever you desire.

HIGH SIZE MEAN:  The printing size won’t disappoint you as this printer can easily print images of size 8.5 inches x 11.7 inches. Also, the auto duplex features both side sheet printing.

STRONG RESOLUTION: The resolution of 5760 x 1440 dpi gives you vibrant and high-quality, precise images.

  • Save 80% ink
  • High resolution
  • Wi-Fi connective
  • Economically good
  • Easy to use
  • Expensive


If price isn’t your concern, getting this high-quality printer can benefit you. But it is a little costly for those who are low on budget. Nonetheless, with the unique design of 2 of 1 touchscreen displays and button usage, this printer is worth a try.

7. EPSON WORKFORCE WF 7210:Best for Dye Sublimation Printer



  • Dimensions:8 x 22.3 x 12.7 inches
  • Printing technology: Inkjet
  • Print output: Color
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi, smartphone
  • Special feature: Auto duplex

Many sublimation printers give you quality prints but are limited to 100 or 150 sheets, like brother HL monochrome or Epson ET 2750. Unlike those printers, Epson workforce 2710 allows you a high number of prints as it features a dual tray containing around 500 sheets making it a total of 1000. Also, the performance of this printer is very satisfactory, and Epson is known to build dye-sublimation printers with advanced features.


QUALITY PERFORMANCE: The WF 7210 programs PrecisionCore system ensures supreme quality with easier use. Also allows sharp and accurate print and text of size 13×19 inches.

Economical: This printer is one of the best energy saver printers as it consumes less than 80% power.

Easy control:  2.2″ LCD screen of this printer gives you easy access to navigation.

Wireless Printing: For fast and speedy printing, you can connect your WF 7210 to your phones and laptops for wireless printing through a Wi-Fi connection.

  • Large LCD display
  • Effortless working
  • Quality assurance
  • High capacity of sheets
  • Good speed printing
  • Ink replacement required


Epson workforce 7210 is an economically valuable sublimation printer. It saves time from repeatedly putting sheets in the machine because of the high capacity for sheets provided. The only downside is that you cannot use normal ink as you have to use sublimation inks only to keep the result constant and accurate. Other than that, with good quality and borderless printing, this device is easy to use.

8. EPSON WORKFORCE WF 7710:-Best Printer for Sublimation and Heat Transfer

WorkForce WF-7710 Wireless Wide-format Color Inkjet Printer


  • Dimensions: 2 x 22.3 x 13.4 inches
  • Printing technology: Inkjet
  • Compatible: Device PC, laptop
  • Printer output: Color
  • Special feature: Auto duplex

The Epson workforce 7710 is an economically useful heat transfer printer with 4x durable ultra-ink cartridges that give you various options for ink colors. Furthermore, this printer lets you work with large-sized borderless prints up to 13×19 inches.

Changing sheets of EPSON WORKFORCE 7710

When we talk about power consumption, this printer saves up to 80% of power, which is way less than any laser printer such as brother HL monochrome. Also, the sheet tray providing a capacity of 250 sheets prevents you from stopping your creativity and productivity.


ENHANCED WORKING: PrecisionCore satisfies you with impressive quality sublimation without any effort.

SMART SCREEN: 4.3″ touchscreen is very responsive and easy to use.

ADVANCED PRINTING: Its wireless connection through Wi-Fi Direct or Ethernet makes it easy for you to give printing permission easily via your smartphone, computer, or Ipad.

AUTO DUPLEX AND SCANNING: This printer allows automatic printing on both sides and a wide scan bed for scanning up to 11x17inch sheets.

  • LCD feature
  • Color varieties
  • Scanning and fax
  • Good connectivity
  • Large capacity
  • Ink wastage


WF 7710 is a good energy-consumption printer saving 80% of the power. The only downside of this printer is it uses a lot of ink for printing which may lead to costly purchasing of ink again and again. Other than that, it still is a good sublimation printer assuring you of good resolution and high quality.


9. EPSON STYLUS C88+: Best for T-shirts

Epson Stylus C88+ Inkjet Printer FOR HEAT TRANSFER


  • Dimensions: 1 x 9.5 x 7.6 inches
  • Printing technology: Inkjet
  • compatible device: PC
  • Connectivity: USB
  • Print output: Color

If you prefer to try different methods of heat transfer, then this printer is what you’ll need. This printer uses pigments as well as sublimation ink, unlike other printers such as WF 77100 or WF 2720, which only use sublimation inks. Furthermore, this sublimation printer is good for printing on mugs, shirts, or other fabrics with sharp and clear images. Also, the ink usage and bottles are affordable as compared to those of sawgrass. Lastly, it comes with a sheet tray that can contain up to 120 sheets.


EASY CONNECTION: This printer uses a USB connection for fast and easy use.

GOOD RESOLUTION: The resolution of 5760 x 1440 is what you’ll need for impressive and quality designs.

MEDIA SIZE: 8.50×10.98inch sized images can be printed for casual and general printing.

IMPRESSIVE PRINT: Durabrite ink gives your printed sheet or images a glossy and shiny look.

  • Vibrant color print
  • Durable
  • Good design
  • Pigment ink can be used
  • At-home printer
  • Noisy


The Epson stylus C88+ is a good printer for use at home and the office. Although it does not come with an auto-duplex means, you’ll have to change the position of the paper to print on both sides. But apart from that, this printer is good for sublimation at home. Also, many businesses are using it for heat transfer and T-shirt printing at an affordable price.

10. Brother HL-L2320D Mono Laser Printer-Best Monochromatic Printer for Heat Transfer

Brother HL-L2320D Mono Laser Printer FOR HEAT TRANSFER


  • Dimensions: 2 x 7.2 x 14 inches
  • Weight: 15 pounds
  • Printer Output: Monochrome
  • Color: Black
  • Printing Technology: Laser

When you want to print continuously, it causes a lot of ink usage, which ultimately leads to more ink. Unlike Epson printers or sawgrass printers, brother HL mono laser printers use ink cartridges through which you can print up to 2600 pages before needing to replace the cartridge again.

It is the best printer for office use as well as for home. Furthermore, this printer gives you high-resolution prints of 2600×600 dpi, ensuring clear and quality prints. Also, the capacity of 250 sheets is way more than Epson 2750 or sawgrass SG500


LIGHTWEIGHT: It comes with a lightweight feature that makes the printer portable. You can easily keep this smart and sleek printer on your desk or in small spaces to print your materials.

FAST PRINTING: This printer gives you a speedy response while printing as it uses a speed of 300ppm.

GOOD RESOLUTION: Brother HL offers you excellent print with 2400 x 600 dpi resolution without any compromise.

BUDGET FRIENDLY: You get an affordable device with costs saving in printing. This printer is affordable with a 1-year warranty and uses the laser electrophotography technique.

CONNECTIVELY EASY:  Unlike other printers, this printer connects through USB, so you don’t have to wait for a Wi-Fi connection for printing. Also, the auto duplex features prints on both sides.

  • Double side printing
  • Low cost
  • Two side print
  • Best for monochrome
  • Good resolution.
  • No color print


Brother’s mono laser printer is a good printer for those who want monochrome prints on their substrate. As it only prints black-and-white images. One downside is that it does not use a wireless connection like other printers; it can be a good feature for some while troublesome for others. Apart from that, the speed of this printer is pretty good compared to others. So it does go best for office use.


Working on a sublimation printer can be new to most people. Before using any printer for heat transfer, you should know the process for heat transfer for good results and your safety as well.

Firstly you have to print your desired design on the sublimation paper through the sublimation printer, so it can easily be transferred to the fabric or substrate you have.

Inkjet or sublimation ink can be used for printing your design. Once the heat press warms up, wait till the optimum temperature reaches (mostly 300-400F temperatures are used for fabrics like polyester), then position your fabric against the heat press, which transfers the design on the shirt. Wait for a few seconds for the temperature to come down.

Then you can remove the paper or film from your shirt or any other substrate that you used.

One can easily get used to this process with practice. With care and techniques, you can easily design your own shirts for wearing or selling by opening a small business.

Best Sublimation Printer for Heat Transfer Buying Guide 2024

With Sublimation printers for heat transfer, you can initiate your business easily. A sublimation printer functions differently from a normal printer as you can print your designs on top of fabrics, mugs, and other things through sublimation printing, unlike normal printing. The best sublimation printer for heat transfer makes your design more radiating and vibrant.

Anyhow, you should consider a few things before using a sublimation printer as there might be new things for you that you are not habitual of while using the printer. Listed down are a few points that can be taken under consideration for choosing the right model:


A sublimation printer can be as massive in size and structure or as compact depending on the model. There are a few models which are suitable for a small office or shop, but if you are carefree with the space required for a printer, then choosing a more elegant and sizable printer will work fine as well.


Always consider the image measures provided by the sublimation printer. Few sublimation printers print pictures and paper of only small dimensions of 3×5 inches; however, others can print 10 x 12 inches. Depending on your need and use, you can go with a printer that can print small sizes, or you can go with a printer giving you large-sized images.


Sublimation printers available have different types of connectivity settings. Few use wireless connection via Wi-Fi connection or Bluetooth. While others use USB connections. Most sublimation printers don’t involve desktop connectivity; therefore, you should look for the connection features provided.


Sublimation printers could require a great refill of ink as per your work output. If you want to start a business, then buying a sublimation printer that uses a large ink tank or provides easy refilling will be a better option. There are a few printers that use cartridges as well, which have to be removed and replaced again.


Every sublimation printer comes with a different capacity for sheets and different printing speeds per minute. There can be a minimum of 100 sheets to a maximum of 500 sheets of tray available. Also, few machines can print up to 50ppm while others can only print up to 10 papers per minute.

</p> <h2><strong>Conclusion</strong></h2> <p>
A sublimation printer for heat transfer can be useful while starting a business or adopting a new hobby for printing on your shirt and mugs. With advanced technology, one can easily get shop-made merchandise and shirts at their own home. In case you are still indecisive about choosing the best sublimation printer for heat transfer, Sawgrass SG500 can be your ultimate choice. It is efficient and comes with auto maintenance. Also, HP smart tank plus 551 offers advanced features while EPSON ET-15000 is a safe choice for your budget.


Can you use a laser printer for sublimation?

Yes, a laser printer can be used for sublimation along with heat transfer.

Are sublimation inks expensive?

Depending on your model, Sublimation ink bottles can be high costs, while other sublimation inks are inexpensive. However, few models come with enough ink tanks, which prevents you from refilling.

Can we use sublimation printers with heat transfer for cotton shirts?

Few printers allow you to print on various fabrics with 50% cotton mixed with other polyesters, but printers like sawgrass500 can’t print on cotton shirts at all.

Which is better for heat transfer inkjet or laser?

After using both printers, I can say that the Inkjet printers are better for heat transfer because inkjet provides quality prints and can also use multiple types of sublimation papers than the laser printers.

Can sublimation printer be used for heat transfer?
Yes, a sublimation printer can be used for heat transfer. Sublimation printers use heat-sensitive inks, which turn into gas when exposed to high temperatures. In the case of heat transfer printing, the inks are transferred onto a transfer paper, which is then pressed onto a fabric using heat and pressure. This process allows the inks to be transferred from the paper onto the fabric, creating a high-quality, full-color print. Sublimation printers are commonly used for printing on fabrics, such as t-shirts and other clothing items, as well as on other materials like ceramic tiles and metal.

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