Ricoma R550 White Toner Transfer Printer Review 2024

Demanding a hefty budget but ensuring high-quality sublimation printing, the Ricoma R550 printer provides fantastic prints. Although you may not be familiar with this printer brand, once you use the Ricoma R550 printer, you cannot go back. Aside from regular prints, you can also use the Ricoma r550 white toner transfer printer as a sublimation printer for heat transfer.

Being versatile, it can print on plain and special paper just by changing cartridges! From quality to speed, it gives you all. Moreover, you can make amazing shirts, mugs, pillows, pens, ornaments, and other materials designs by using this printer. Let us tell you what makes this printer worth it in this Ricoma r550 printer review article:

1. Ricoma R550 White Toner Transfer Printer

Ricoma R550 printer


  • Weight: 64 pounds
  • Dimensions:8″(W) x 18.9″(D) x 15.9″(H)
  • Printing resolutions: 1200×1200 dpi
  • Power consumption: 120v and 230v

Ricoma R550 printer gives high-resolution prints with speeds of 8 ppm and 26 ppm on transfer and standard media, respectively. You can get approximately 75000 pages out of this printer in one month. This shows the power of the 1.46 GHz processor that R550 uses to print. For easy controls, you get 4.3 inches LCD control panel.

This printer features both wireless and Ethernet plus Bluetooth connectivity, so there is no need to worry about what device you have. Print from computer or mobile as you need. Also, R550 works well with windows 7, 8 and 10 and also with Mac OS. Utilizing all this and its under-given features, R550 gives vibrant quality sublimation design prints.

The company has replaced the Ricoma R550 Printer with Luminaris 200 White Toner Transfer Printer. This is an upgraded model and has more advanced features then R550 printer.

Features of Ricoma R550 and Luminaris 200 White Toner Transfer Printer

Paper handling:

The Ricoma R550 printer features a multi-purpose tray that can withhold paperweight for easy paper handling. Moreover, the printer can hold 100 sheets of transfer media, card, and mailing label stock means it has a total capacity of 300 sheets.

Connectivity options:

As you already know, it can be connected with wireless and Ethernet; let us tell you that it can be connected with USB as well! Feel free to print by using a cable. Or you can opt for Bluetooth connectivity as well.

Duplex printing:

For both sublimation and simple printing, you can print on both sides. This can be done automatically or by using hands to flip over the material. This helps save the paper as well.

Editing software:

Each printer company features design software. Ricoma gives built-in software that helps in pro-level editing of designs. Aside from that, you get ProRIP, SmartCUT, and Chroma. This helps in professional designing that can enhance your business. This is one of the reasons why business people use Ricoma R550 for sublimation printing.

Toner cartridges:

It is easy to clean, thanks to toner cartridges. By using white toner cartridges, R550 gives high-quality clean sublimation prints. The toner cartridge is specifically for sublimation printing and can be used on a variety of materials.


This printer does not demean any material from paper to fabric, R550 gives clean-cut design prints. You can use this to print on accessories as well. Also, by using heat transfer, you can get the design printed on all types of material. However, it does not do well on cotton material, so do not transfer the design on 100% cotton fabrics.


Ricoma R550 printer comes with a 1-year warranty for the printer and its accessories. Also, you get lifetime support for 7 days. It gives great confidence in the durability and friendly customer service with that as well.

  • High-quality prints
  • Pro-level printed designs
  • User-friendly display
  • Fast speed
  • Free software designs
  • Easy to clean
  • Efficient
  • Costly
  • High running cost
  • Not for cotton transfers


Reasons why you should opt for R550

Here is what you should look into a printer and sublimation printer. Also, we have given you how R550 gives you everything you need for a perfect sublimation business.

1. Resolution:

Resolution affects the quality of printing. For sublimation and simple printing, the high quality of prints matters. R550 gives 1200 dpi, which is considered to be high in sublimation printing. For both textual and graphic prints, Ricoma R550 does not disappoint.

2. Speed:

Speed is the next important thing to consider when looking for a sublimation printer. Without compromising the quality of prints, R550 gives prints at high speed as well.

3. Output and consumption:

When it comes to giving a robust performance and vivid colored prints, R550 overthrows Sawgrass. Whatever the material, Ricoma R550 makes sure to provide outstanding results. Also, it gives high output per month as well.

4. Size of media:

Ricoma R550 comes under the category of wide-format printers. That means it can hold large-sized media as well. You can print sizes of up to 13×19 inches.

Using Ricoma R550 for sublimation printing:

You can do every day black and white printing as well as sublimation printing, all by the Ricoma R550 printer. All you have to do is change the toner cartridge to a sublimation toner cartridge. You can do that by buying sublimation toner cartridges separately. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to use it for sublimation by using heat transfer.

1. Things you need:

  • Regular printer paper
  • Heat press
  • 2 sheets
  • A 100% polyester shirt or fabric
  • Sublimation toner cartridges

2. Changing toner cartridges:

  1. Lift the cartridge portion lid and gently take out your standard toner cartridges.
  2. Insert the sublimation cartridge.
  3. The color is shown on each toner cartridge, so make sure you do not mix the cartridge and cartridge holder color.
  4. After inserting, close it, and you are set to go.

3. Setting up the software:

  1. By using a smartphone or computer, go to the built-in printing software.
  2. Make a design or select a design.
  3. On software, click on the bypass tray as you are using plain paper for sublimation.
  4. Make sure to click on the mirror option before getting the design printed.

4. Sublimation printing:

  1. Get the design printed by using an LCD control panel.
  2. Use heat transfer and get the design printed on your desired material!

Many sites give Ricoma R550 with white transfer bundle. So people who want to do business can look into the bundles to save money.


To sum it up, this printer is designed for people who can afford the cost of ink and printer as well. We do not recommend this for beginner business owners. However, if you have been in the field of sublimation printing for a while, then the Ricoma R550 printer will be the upgrade you need. It is one of the wide-format printers as well. The paper capacity and monthly print output will give higher profit value to your business.

The plus feature you get is you can get training for starting a business for free. Overall, the printing quality is eye-pleasing and detailed in colors with sharp colors.


1. Which country manufacturers Ricoma printers?

Ricoma is a Japanese printer company and is one of the rising sublimation printer companies.

2. Which is best, Epson, Sawgrass, or Ricoma?

Epson is leading for being budget-friendly and a variety of printers, Sawgrass is suitable for beginners, and lastly, Ricoma works best with professionals who have enough budget.

3. Can I use Ricoma R550 for plain paper printing?

Yes, but do not use a sublimation toner cartridge for simple printing.

4. What is the expected lifespan of the Ricoma R550 printer?

Sublimation printers have a lifespan of a minimum of 10 years, and so does Ricoma R550.

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