Sublimation on Black Shirts-Step by Step Guide

We all know that the best results can be achieved if we sublimate on white shirts, but now, as time is evolving, we can also do sublimation on black shirts. I guess you have already heard about it. That is why you are reading this post. We here at Sublyprint Digital always try to meet customer needs and produce custom designs on white as well as black shirts.

Because we are in the sublimation printing business, so we will let you know the procedure for designing black shirts.

How to do a sublimation print on a black shirt?

Sublimation printing on black or dark shirt is a new approach. Earlier, we were creating designs on white t-shirts because designing on white polyester shirts can give more vibrant and permanent colors. Today, we have tried to do sublimation printing on black shirts. Here is the step to step guide for you:

Create your desired design

First, you need to draw your favorite design with the help of any software you usually use, such as Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.

Print your design

Once you have completed the step mentioned above, now it’s time to take out a print of the design on paper. Check the design and make changes if required.

Cut your design with a scissor

Once you are satisfied that this is the design you want to print on your black shirt, cut the design and make it ready for printing on a shirt with a sublimation printer and heat press.

Position your design on the shirt

Position the design where you want to print it on your shirt.

Use Equipment’s

Now, you need to use equipment such as a sublimation printer and heat press machines to print designs on shirts.

Apply Pressures

Use a heat press to apply pressure and heat to the design, making sure to follow the instructions for your particular transfer paper. After a few minutes, your design should be transferred onto the shirt!

Required Materials

The following materials are required to do sublimation on black and dark shirts:

  • Sublimation Printer
  • Heat Transfer Machine
  • Thermal Paper
  • Black T-shirt

How can sublimation printing help your business?

Adding sublimation printing to your business can help you boost your bottom line in several ways. First, it can help you save money on printing costs. Sublimation printing uses a transfer process that is much more efficient than traditional printing methods, so you’ll be able to print your materials at a lower cost. Second, sublimation printing can help you create high-quality printed materials.

The transfer process allows for precise printing, so you can create professional-looking materials that will impress your clients and customers. Finally, sublimation printing can help you expand your product offerings. With sublimation printing, you’ll be able to print on various materials, offering your customers a more comprehensive range of products.


It is a new approach, and Printing on a black shirt using the sublimation printing method can be a great way to create a unique and stylish shirt. This printing method uses a special ink transferred to the shirt using heat and pressure. The result is a shirt that has a high-quality print that will not fade or peel over time.


Can you sublimate on black shirts?

Answer: Yes, you can sublimate on a black t-shirt. But it’s not a good idea because the print quality can be compromised. Due to its dark color print on black shirt would not stand out.

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