Sublimation on Gray Shirts Step by Step Guide

The first step in applying sublimation is to choose a gray shirt. The shirt should be at least 50% polyester for the best results. Light colors will fade so you may prefer a gray t shirt. Make sure to place white copy paper or a parchment sheet between the upper and lower layers of the gray shirt. Once this has been done, apply the image to the gray shirt. Check the color after the process to ensure that it is perfect.

Sublimation on Gray Shirts Step by Step Guide

Choose a Shirt with Light Color

Once you have chosen a shirt with a light color, you can apply the sublimation process to it. During this process, you will need to make sure that the color of your print matches the color of the shirt. For example, if you are printing on a shirt with a light color, it is best to use white fabric. However, if you don’t want to print white, you can also try sublimation on a gray shirt. While the process is essentially the same, the final look of gray shirts will be different than that of a colored one.

Choose Color of Sublimation Ink

After choosing the shirt and the color of your sublimation ink, you can now start the sublimation process. Before the process begins, you must test each fabric type to ensure that it will work on the shirt. Dark shirts are the best choice, as they tend to hold dye better than light fabrics. You must also choose the right type of garment for your sublimation project.

Use Unbleached Shirts

For the best results, you should choose a gray shirt that has not been bleached. This will ensure that the color of the shirt isn’t affected. You can still sublimate on white shirts. Remember that the more expensive the shirt, the more expensive it will be. You can always raise the price if you’d like. If you decide to use the same technique on black shirts, you should use special dye-sublimation ink.

Check the Content and Quality of Fabric

When sublimating on gray shirts, make sure to check the fabric’s fiber content. It will not work on cotton shirts. Moreover, the color of the fabric will determine the quality of the print. You can only use colored 100% polyester tees to sublimate on black shirts. You can also sublimate on light-colored shirts, like blue t-shirts or gray t-shirts.

Choose a White/Light Color Sheet for Sublimation

When sublimating on dark t-shirts, choose a t-shirt that is white or a light color. The process for sublimating on dark t-shirts is the same as it is for colored shirts. You will need a sublimation paper and a fabric sheet. It is important to choose a shirt that is white or light-colored. Otherwise, the image will look green.

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